Friday, July 27, 2018

#EndSARS comment: Twitter users seeks deactivation of Yomi Shogunle’s handle

Nigerians on Twitter have been calling for the deactivation of the account of the Yomi Shogunle, the head of Police Public Complaints Rapid Response Unit.

The call started off on Thursday after he tweeted ; “186 million Retweets to # EndSARS. Oya let ’ s go!”

Many of his followers felt that he was being insensitive to the plights of citizens who have suffered at the hands of operatives of the Special Anti Robbery Squad .

See tweets :

For those seeking how to contribute to

# EndSARS # ReformPoliceNG given that people die daily from the impunity of the Armed Robbers and Kidnappers issued Guns by the state to run amok . Please report

@ YomiShogunle’s handle today for being Hateful & Abusive. # PowerBelongs 2U

pic .twitter . com/Fxu8 IA 1 pLr

— SEGA L ’éveilleur ® (@ segalink ) July 27, 2018

Yomi Shogunle does not deserve to be Police PR officer, he is very arrogant and intolerant , very insensitive and irresponsible too ! Report his handle and block him . #ENDSARS

# ReformPoliceNG . pic. twitter .com /CgsAmelhbJ

— Oluyemi Fasipe (@ YemieFASH ) July 27, 2018

It ’s 9 am people !

Yomi Shogunle kept his own children in Uk , away from Police brutality , yet defend same brutality here against Nigerians . Report his handle , @ YomiShogunle and block him.

# EndSARS # ReformPoliceNG pic. twitter .com /EW 1 rQI 3E 6 z

— Oluyemi Fasipe (@ YemieFASH ) July 27, 2018

This morning at exactly 9 am, I ’ll be joining a campaign alongside YemiFash to report Yomi Shogunle ’s twitter account.

Enough of the mockery.

RT if you ’re with me

— Manchester United (@ Iam _ Abdulaxis ) July 27, 2018

We ’re reporting Yomi Shogunle ’s account

— Okikiola (@ DeycallmiFaMe ) July 27, 2018

Instead of cussing out and Retweeting that nonsensical tweet by Yomi Shogunle, just unfollow and report his handle for being abusive and hateful. # ReportYomiShogunle

— Epiphany (@ Epiphany2311 ) July 27, 2018

Just ask yourself this : How would a parent who found his only son being pulled out of the well covered in Maggots react to Yomi Shogunle ’s daily dose of demonic insensitivity ? How would the family of Angela Igwetu feel seeing his attempts at cover up ? #EndSARS # ReformPoliceNG

— SEGA L ’éveilleur ® (@ segalink ) July 27, 2018

What has really emboldened Yomi Shogunle is government ’s indifference about the SARS menace .

— Mr Folarin (@Folarinfotos ) July 26, 2018

You can actually report Yomi Shogunle account rather curse out at him . By the time many users report him as being abusive and offensive , he ’ll be yanked of here . Teach this people you have power, stop bickering.

— Pakuma (@ ThePakuma ) July 26, 2018

In a normal country , Yomi Shogunle would have been sacked long ago

— Nonso (@ Lifematician ) July 27, 2018

Isn ’t it better to have Yomi Shogunle keep his account so we can be aware , at all times , about how these senior police officers think ? These people will just go back in the shadows and pick us off one at a time…

— Temisan Okomi (@ temiokomi ) July 27, 2018

I don ’t really indulge in politics but for the sake of my kids ’ future, yomi shogunle ’s acct has been reported ! N I won’t stop there! Will tell My neighbours , friends n families that use Twitter to do same! That man is HEARTLESS

— __ IamEmpressHairs (@__ IamEmpress __)

July 27, 2018

For every time Yomi Shogunle has trended, it ’s always for something terrible and inhumane . Sighs

— OLAMILEKAN (@ IT_ IS_ LAKESYDE) July 27, 2018

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